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Happy Vaisakhi 2016!

Happy Vaisakhi everyone!

On behalf of the team at Swad Indian Kitchen, we would like to wish all of our Punjabi friends a very happy new year! And for all those who might not form part of the community, but still come together from different parts of the Lower Mainland to celebrate such a joyous festival, thank you. It is truly endearing and very Canadian to do so.

There will be a local parade showcasing our pride and lots of food for you to try out, all for free! Because there simply cannot be a celebration without food. If you are not able to make it for some reason or another, make sure to get a taste of the delicious Indian food at your local restaurant.

If you would like to part take in other festivities, or are interested in the Indian culture in general, visit Swad Indian Kitchen. Our celebrated chefs pride themselves in the craft and art of cooking, which can be observed in their dishes. Not only are the innovative and lip-smacking, but truly representative of authentic Indian cuisine in West Vancouver.

Swad Indian Kitchen is an Indian restaurant in West Vancouver that serves both traditional and innovative, healthy Indian cuisine. If you would like to know more about the food being served, or would like to make general inquiries, please call 604-281-4411. You can also visit us at www.swadindiankitchen.ca

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