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Restaurants with healthy menus in West Vancouver

West Vancouver restaurants: Can they be healthy?

West Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland enjoys a huge number of food joints for people to choose from. Everything, from the Michelin-starred restaurants to the food truck parked right outside your office, can be right at your reach. While closeness might not be a problem, picking the right place is. The temptation of going for something unhealthy and quick rather than a healthy meal is strong, but can be avoided. Restaurants are becoming more conscientious about what they are serving and what people should eat. Even healthy menus can be found on an Indian restaurant these days. Residents can now enjoy healthy Indian food in West Vancouver.

The Best Healthy Restaurant in West Vancouver

The best restaurant in West Vancouver with a healthy menu should not only use ingredients to make food combinations that are in your best interest, but should be made appetizing enough so that they entice people to come back a second and third time. The presentation should mimic that of an art piece, and the taste should be nothing short of delicious.

Swad Indian Kitchen fits those two prerequisites perfectly. Not only did they take a hugely popular (and ubiquitous) Indian cuisine and turned it upside down, but managed to craft healthy dishes in the process. The food is not only low on fat and salt, but tastes delicious, if not better than the original. The efforts to bring about a healthy yet tasty version of Indian cuisine has earned them multiple awards, making them rank among the best Indian restaurants in West Vancouver.

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