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Spring is here!

This Sunday March 20th marks the first day of spring. Rolling our clocks forward to mark the end of the daylight savings has already given us a preamble to the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer. And while in the past years the first day of spring has been quite prominent, this year it has been rather warm. Whatever the reason be behind it, Global warming or El Nino, the change of seasons has not been as prominent as they have in the past.

Spring is marked not only by the length of days and time, but also in its physical manifestations. The rain starts coming to a halt in anticipation of the drier summer, and the cherry blossom trees go into full bloom. As you can imagine, walking through the streets of Vancouver makes for a very picturesque scene.

At Swad Indian Kitchen, we also celebrate spring. While winter was all about keeping warm and eating hot food, spring is all about liveliness and celebration. Food should be a meal that unites people, not divides them. It should also nourish them, and keep them healthy and happy. We hope that you feel the same when you coming to eat at the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver.

When we first opened Swad back in October, we wanted it to be a place where people could enjoy Indian food that actually was representative of the cuisine, as well as healthy. Which is why our menu features dishes you would normally not see at your typical Indian restaurant in Vancouver. Our team sat down with top chefs and management and tried to work out dishes that would not only benefit us, but our customers, most importantly. We are all residents of West Vancouver or the Mainland who are looking to make a living and help others make theirs. Their well-being, is ours, and vice versa.

So enjoy spring while it lasts, and eat at Swad!


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