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Swad Indian Kitchen: healthy foods, taste & class in West Vancouver

Nudge over a bit there Vij’s, there’s some new competition in town.

Taken from The Province. The original article can be found here.

There’s a new Indian restaurant in West Vancouver. A much-needed upscale place that serves healthy Indian cuisine.

Going out for Indian food can get quite boring with so many restaurants serving the same dishes in almost the same setting, but this one is definitely an evening out.

The décor is a class act with every tiny detail covered; heavy silverware winks, shiny glasses sparkle, and beautiful porcelain dishes set the table invitingly.


The chairs – wrapped in plush velvet – are incredibly comfortable. While real wood tables, lacquered to a high sheen, are the perfect canvasses for the place settings.


The clock that dominates one wall in its entirety is arresting in its simplicity.

The bar is very alluring in a soft-lit and glamorous way, while the wine rack makes use of a wall across from the bar to create a sexy space.


The service is impeccable. Some of you may know Chico, he’s been in the industry for a long time and has a fantastic reputation for being an utter professional.

This team member said he loves the atmosphere at Swad’s because it is less stressful than downtown, “Here people come to relax and enjoy an evening out, unlike downtown where diners are always in a rush or being rushed.”


The quality of the ingredients is superb, everything is made from the ground up, and the presentation is simple and beautiful.



The chef aptly describes the menu as a five star menu.


This is most definitely not another Indian restaurant.

Swad literally means taste and that is evident in the dishes. I tasted healthy Indian cuisine that traverses the length and breadth of India.


You’ll get a chance to try dishes that are authentic to each region. Here Kamal takes the opportunity to showcase his flair in the kitchen by bringing the love of his culture, and the influences of his many travels, through the dishes on the menu.


Travel India with your palates, while enjoying an evening out the old fashioned way,” invites Kamal.


The friendly team reverently place dishes of India on the tables and whisks away bare platters minutes later. Like a soloist each dish is a showpiece, and when ordered together they harmonize like an orchestra.




Kamal has a system he has always followed, “Forget any articles you’ve read when you walk in the restaurant. Tell me the bad stuff, then tell me the good stuff. My guarantee to you is the bad will be nonexistent the next time you come in.”

Kamal has opened many restaurants as a serial restaurateur but Swad is his legacy to Vancouver.


Kamal Mroke, Sam Hirgi (SamCo), and Chico.

“This restaurant will be a destination place for tourists and a favourite for Vancouverites. Here I get to teach about my culture’s food, a cuisine that is loved and accepted by Canadians,” said Kamal.

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