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Swad Indian Kitchen Opening Day

Swad Indian Kitchen is finally open for business!

This past October, we launched our newest project in the Indian restaurant business: Swad Indian Kitchen, a  healthy Indian restaurant with authentic and inventive dishes, right in the heart of West Vancouver. After a lot of hard work and effort to keep things under wrap, we were finally able to unleash our culinary selves and announce our opening to the public.

To those of you who assisted to our inauguration on the 19th, thank you for coming, being there and making it a successful event. More people showed up than we anticipated – it was a full house on 1734 Marine Drive, with faces both new and old lighting up the scene.

Swad Indian Kitchen was born out of the desire for an Indian restaurant in West Vancouver. While Vancouver and other parts of the Lower Mainland spot a good number of Indian restaurants, there was a need for an upscale Indian restaurant that offered both authentic Indian dishes as well as fusion ones. Swad Indian Restaurant is an attempt to fill that void, bringing the best of both worlds. Alongside our butter chickens and biryanis, we have things like Bengali curry, Swad Palak Kofta and Kashmiri Naurattan for you to try out.

Just a look down our menu will give you an idea of how varied and exquisite our offerings are, (and how much we love to cook and bring you good food!) If the names don’t ring a bell for you, don’t worry. They won’t for most. Our chefs are creative masters in the kitchen, and are the ones responsible for bringing these recipes for you. The dishes you will find on our menu are inspired on the rich variety of Indian cuisine, a celebration of its flavours and diversity.

If you haven’t already, stop by 1734 Marine Drive, West Vancouver and have a taste of the best Indian restaurant in West Vancouver yourself. A rich and diverse amount of food awaits you, which we hope will leave you delightfully happy, and wanting to return. Because with what we have created for you, we guarantee you’ll never be bored.

If you would like to make a reservation, call 604-281-4411 and our staff will happily attend you.
See you there!

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