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Best Restaurant in West Vancouver

West Vancouver Dining

Most famous for its British Properties and other distinctive districts and landmarks, West Vancouver is really something. It is also becoming famous for its cuisine and fine dining.

Dining is a culture in West Vancouver, and a fine one. Residents have the world at their feet when it comes to cuisine options. With endless foods from around the world to choose from, restaurants really have to battle it out in terms of taste, quality and service.

The North Shore Effect

The North Shore is not only known for its affluence, but for a diversity that permeates every part of its life. And of course, food is no exception. With the large amount of people from different countries and ethnicities, the food in West Vancouver is innovative, diverse and nothing like you’ve ever tasted before.

Restaurants that you will usually find elsewhere in the country will be on their best feet, so to speak. Indian cuisine in West Vancouver is world-class. Not only do they serve truly authentic Indian food, but do so in a impeccable, sophisticated manner, enviable of none.

Indian Restaurant Amongst the Best Restaurants in West Vancouver

Swad Indian Kitchen is an upcoming Indian Restaurant in West Vancouver. In its short lifespan, it has quickly risen to become one of resident’s preferred choice for dining in West Vancouver. It’s innovative dishes, inspired by the Indian subcontinent continuously bring delicious and traditional flavours to the shores of West Vancouver. Its chefs are passionate in the art of putting a plate together, and their commitment to perfection drives them towards excellence each and every time. It is these ingredients which have made them content for the spot of the best Indian restaurants in West Vancouver.

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